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Upcoming Alumni Events

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This fall, join us for at least two (!) alumni events in Chicago. And stay tuned, MAPH is taking the “Clark Street Ale House Reality Experience” on the road. We’ll be hosting alumni events in Cities That Are Not Chicago this year. We’re thinking about New York in the Fall. Would people come to a MAPH alumni Holiday Party in New York? (What are these magical events? Find out after the jump…) Continue reading

Meet an Alum: Brian Richards

Last week’s BEAR! (no wait BULL!) market reminded me of a conversation I had a while back with Brian Richards, Managing Editor at The Motley Fool, a financial services company based out of Alexandria, VA (just a hop over the Potomac in DC). Click here to see Brian’s last fifty articles.

Motley. I asked Brian how he got into finance after MAPH, where he wrote his thesis on the topic of (depending on how you look at it, either perfectly applicable to finance, or not) horror films. At the conclusion of the program, he got a job in academic book publishing, and it was this first move after graduation that helped shape his career. “That’s where I got my skills and my vocation in editing,” he says. He worked on the academic side of the publishing industry for three years before finding an editorial opening at The Fool.

Brian says he had always considered stock-watching a hobby (heeding advice from his grandfather to invest wisely and be mindful of his money), and it made sense to apply editing skills in a field where he already had interest. This was especially true, given the background of The Fool‘s founders. “We’re very stock and investing focused,” Brian says, “but the guys who founded the company were English majors.” (Hence the company’s name, a nod to Shakespeare). Today, the site aims to publish sharp analysis of stocks, providing investors with insights and leaving news reporting and aggregation to other outlets.

“We leave questions about what happened to other publications,” Richards says. “We provide the so what and now what.”

Indexes are off a percentage point today on bad news from the German economy. So…… what?

Brian lives in Washington, DC with his wife and two children (the second of which arrived just two months ago). Congrats!




Impressions from South Africa, Curated by Judy Hecker (MAPH 97)

Check out this video featuring Judy Hecker (MAPH 97), Associate Curator in the Prints and Illustrated Books Department at MoMA in New York. She gives an introduction to her most recent curatorial effort, Impressions from South Africa, which runs through August 29. Judy studied art history at the University of Chicago as a MAPHer in the program’s inaugural class. Keep an eye out for her upcoming profile in Tableau. The cover story of the  fall issue will be “A Brief History of MAPH” offering some perspective on the successes and challenges that the program has faced since its inception.

WBEZ’s Resident Brit (what a ham) Mike Wilson

Check out Mike Wilson, this summer’s MAPH intern at WBEZ’s Chicago News Magazine 848. He complains about [slash] lovingly describes watching “football” in America….as a foreigner. Listen to Mike’s soothing accent, which fits in perfectly with the NPR set. There are other silly accents in his piece too.

And, when you’re done, imagine yourself working at NPR and figure out your own NPR name.