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MAPH Reunion: The Fifteenth Class!

1996 Was a Very Different Time

MAPH Celebrates the graduation of its FIFTEENTH CLASS this year on Friday, June 3.  Consider the following:

In 1996, Alanis Morissette won a Grammy Award in the category of Best Record for Jagged Little PillFargo was nominated for Best Picture at the Academy Awards (but lost, much to the dismay of Elaine Benes, to The English Patient).  President Bill Clinton said the following in his State of the Union Address:

Our economy is the healthiest it has been in three decades. We have the lowest combined rates of unemployment and inflation in 27 years. We have created nearly 8 million new jobs, over a million of them in basic industries, like construction and automobiles. America is selling more cars than Japan for the first time since the 1970s. And for three years in a row, we have had a record number of new businesses started in our country.

And in September, a new class of around 60 of the first MAPHers came to the University of Chicago.  Continue reading

Meet an Alum: Zeke Reich

I interviewed Zeke Reich about his MAPH experience and his current position at the Veterans Administration in Washington, DC.  Here’s what he had to say:

What were your goals upon entry into MAPH?

I came into MAPH with the primary intention of connecting with a constellation of people and ideas that can be found in the U of C Philosophy Department and almost nowhere else. There were a group of professors (Conant, Finkelstein, Pippin, Haugeland, Lear…) and interlocutors (Wittgenstein, Heidegger, Cavell, Austin, Putnam, Baz, McDowell, Brandom…) whom I felt I needed to connect with in order to make my basic education as a philosophical person complete. I’m happy to say that that intention was met: I was welcomed into advanced classes and workshops, and spent time with upper-level graduate students who were having all the conversations that I had wanted to be part of. And I still feel that the U of C Wittgenstein/Cavell/Heidegger/pragmatism axis plays an extremely important role in my sensibility and worldview. Continue reading

Meet an Alum: Gianna Mosser

The ability to work remotely means Gianna gets to spend more time with her son Atticus

Gianna Mosser came to MAPH directly from the University of Miami. She graduated summa cum laude in three years and moved to Chicago in the fall of 2004. “I started MAPH not long after my 21st birthday,”she explained to me by phone. “I was actually told by some of the staff at the time: wow you’re really young.”

As a MAPHer, Mosser spent most of her time in the English department and focused on postcolonial studies. She wrote her thesis “Repudiating Commodified Feminine Bodies in Jessica Hagedorn’s
Dogeaters: Working toward Political Agency” under the direction of Professor Debbie Nelson.

Mosser added that she spent time doing “some non-MAPH related things.” She interned at Lyceum Books, a small independent publishing house, to help hone her editorial portfolio. After graduation, she got a job in corporate marketing for an industrial firm. Continue reading