Month: January 2011

  • MAPH Reunion: The Fifteenth Class!

    MAPH Celebrates the graduation of its FIFTEENTH CLASS this year on Friday, June 3.  Consider the following: In 1996, Alanis Morissette won a Grammy Award in the category of Best Record for Jagged Little Pill.  Fargo was nominated for Best Picture at the Academy Awards (but lost, much to the dismay of Elaine Benes, to […]

  • Meet an Alum: Zeke Reich

    I interviewed Zeke Reich about his MAPH experience and his current position at the Veterans Administration in Washington, DC.  Here’s what he had to say: What were your goals upon entry into MAPH? I came into MAPH with the primary intention of connecting with a constellation of people and ideas that can be found in the […]

  • Meet an Alum: Gianna Mosser

    Gianna Mosser came to MAPH directly from the University of Miami. She graduated summa cum laude in three years and moved to Chicago in the fall of 2004. “I started MAPH not long after my 21st birthday,”she explained to me by phone. “I was actually told by some of the staff at the time: wow […]