Student Loan Gremlin Cartoon – or how you might stop ridiculous monthly payments and learn to love your nonprofit job

Check it out – IBR (Income-Based Repayment) is a new Direct Student Loan repayment option that’s worth at least a once-over. Anyone who qualifies for, and enrolls in IBR (through their lender) will be assessed a monthly payment that – for all save those in the highest income brackets (watch out humanities grads!) – will not be more than 10% of their income, and could be as low as zero dollars. Even cooler, whatever debt is left over after twenty-five years of repayment will be forgiven. And the coolest yet, after ten years of repayment whilst working in government, service, or nonprofit jobs, that forgiveness could come even sooner. If this sounds enticing to you or someone you love, bounce over to this site at, run by the nonprofit of the same name, to learn more. Plus, the cartoon is kind of cute, if low-rent.






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