graficionada: a blog about food and other nice things

Another MAPH alum, Jeanelle Hayner (MAPH ’07), has joined the blogoshpere with a blog for budding and hardcore foodies. If you’re into food (and aren’t we all in our way?) stop by and check it out.







3 responses to “graficionada: a blog about food and other nice things”

  1. Richard Ryan Avatar

    My favorite foods pico de gallo and sugar creme pies.

  2. Frank Avatar

    Thanks for sharing this – and you’re right – who’s not into food 🙂 Yet my preferred stuff is thai food.

  3. Robert Avatar

    Me too Frank. I absolutley love Thai food. And I found this interesting page which outlines why Thai Food is good for you too.
    Not that we need a reason to enjoy Thai but now we can know it’s healthy too. And why does MSG get such a bad reputation? It’s a vegetable based product and It’s not as bad as salt which has sodium in it.

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