Keeping us in the Light

MAPH Alum Joel Witmer (’07) is up and at ’em again with his newest blog The Dark Room, a blog that discusses and reviews movies and television shows. You may remember Joel’s past fame with his Ohio sports based blog, The Disappointment Zone, and its famed appearance in the Wall Street Journal Online.

This time around, Joel has taken his other love, that of the audio visual world, and transformed it into insightful commentary, opinions, riffs, and reviews of movies and TV shows of all genres. He also lists movies he’s seen this year (alphabetically and hierarchically, of course) as well as his current NetFlix queue, just so you can keep abreast of his movie watching, note his credibility as a movie goer, as well as strike up an online conversation with him.

As with his sports blog, Joel’s commentary is well thought out and carefully presented with just the right amount of film elitism and average movie watcher humor, making it enjoyable to read often difficult to disagree with him*.

*author’s note: no matter how elegant his prose or how convincing his analysis is, I shall never agree with Joel about Ohio State.







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