The AfterMAPH Literati

Eleven MAPH Alums have contributed to the latest issue of Contrary, an online literary magazine founded and run by MAPH Alums.

In the latest addition there’s fiction by B.E. Hopkins, aka Brandon Hopkins (MAPH ’03), who’s been living as an expatriate in Paris and writing stories like “The Halcyon Days of War.” Brandon appears alongside some other amazing and accomplished writers, including Laurence Davies, a Welshman who edited the Collected Letters of Joseph Conrad, Mark Spencer, a novelist and the dean of Humanities at the University of Arkansas, and Robert Gibbons, who edits Janus Head and regularly writes for Alexander Cockburn’s Counterpunch. (Some of you read that commie broadside, I know.) Also check out poetry by UofC undergrad Kristiana Colón. Oh, and poetry by Contrary regular Amy Groshek, whose first book is coming out in February.

And there are book reviews by Shaindel Beers (Maph ’00), Jeff McMahon (’02), Leigh Knittle (’05), Mike Frechette (’05), Thea Brown (’05), Laura M. Browning (’06), David M. Smith (’07), Michael Andrews (’07), Linda Smith (’07), Shevi Berlinger (’07).

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