MAPH Alum Shaindel Beers published on NPR web site

MAPH Alum Shaindel Beers (’00) has recently had her poem, “First Love” published on A Prairie Home Companion Web site, an online version of Garrison Keller’s National Public Radio show.

Documenting this great accomplishment and publishing a copy of “First Love,” Beers was interviewed in the Eastern Oregonian in which she talks about getting her poem published as well as her life as a teacher and poet.

Congratulations Shaindel!







One response to “MAPH Alum Shaindel Beers published on NPR web site”

  1. Sara Schlossman Avatar
    Sara Schlossman

    Hi … I’d appreciate it if someone would forward this email to Shaindel.
    She wrote to WMFE 90.7FM (NPR Affiliate/ Orlando) about the demise
    of The Arts Connection & its Poetic Logic segment.

    I had interviewed Shaindel for the radio program and would like her to know that I’m working on logistics to get the archives revived on the internet. (Her interview
    is contained there.) I’d like to let her know the new hosting site for the archives — that
    is when it’s launched. (I’m optimistic it shall be in the very near future!)

    Please let her know that Becky Morgan and I both appreciated her
    email about the loss of this program.

    Sara Schlossman
    (former) Producer,
    Poetic Logic on The Arts Connection (still my email address!)

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