Mind Your Manners: the key to better living

Often find yourself in an awkward situation? Having a party but you’re not sure of the correct way to keep away uninvited guests? Have you recently had an interaction with someone and you don’t know the proper way to respond? You’re in luck. Former MAPHer Jim Steichen (2007), in addition to his other life activities and pursuits, has created “Human(e) Behavior, a blog dedicated to reclaiming the practices of etiquette. His blog invites readers’ questions about daily awkward living situations and he deftly gives advice on how to navigate these tricky occurrences in a more thoughtful manner.

Because Jim is so adept at words, I will leave you all with his words on Human(e) Behavior: “For those wishing to live a more examined existence, Human(e) Behavior offers a forum to ask those thorny questions that come up in the complicated web of human interaction that we call life. Socrates once said that no person would do anything wrong if he really understood what he was doing. Human(e) Behavior seeks to make that ideal a reality, reclaiming the dusty world of “etiquette” for our troubled times. Because in the end, more thoughtful living is, in fact, better living. ”

to read Jim’s blog and send him a question of your own, visit Human(e) Behavior at http://humanebehavior.blogspot.com/

Cheers to Jim for making our lives better, or at least less socially awkward.






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