WordPress v3.0

WordPress was recently updated to version 3. We’ll continue running v2.9.x for a while longer in the Division until we’re sure the typical glitches associated with a new release are ironed out and all of our supported themes and plugins are compatible with the new version. For the vast majority you this upgrade will not make any visible changes in the way you manage your blog. If you wish, you can look over a list of (predominantly technical) changes and improvements introduced in v3 on the WordPress blog or watch a demo screencast.

One small but welcome addition in this upgrade is a modern, new theme called Twenty Ten which promises to make use of all the new features added to WordPress over the last few years. In the weeks ahead we’ll be testing it with your blogs and our recommended plugins. Once we upgrade to WordPress v3 it’s very likely that Twenty Ten will also be included in our list of supported themes.

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