Blog based websites in the Humanities Division

Humanities Computing is able to provide free, WordPress based blogs and websites to all Humanities Division faculty and staff in support of research, academic events, graduate workshops and other collaborative projects. On this site you will find examples of model websites built with WordPress in use throughout the division as departmental sites, for conferences and colloquia, graduate workshops, exhibitions or for event-driven online newsletters and blogs.

The individual model sites on the site are cross-listed by type and by the amount of effort and know-how that were required to build them. Almost all of the sites presented here were built by staff, faculty or students in the division with no experience at all in web design or development. The design notes accompanying each example are intended as helpful hints to others wishing to build something similar.

Please take a look around. On occasion we’ll also post announcements & updates about WordPress beneath this post with reports on new features, plugins and themes. Please contact Humanities Computing if you think you would be interested in building your own WordPress site or would like us to build one for you. Further information can also be found on the Blogs FAQ.

Finally, for more collaborative and documentation oriented projects you may also want to consider using the humanities wiki.

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