Oct 09

Law, Culture and Society Workshop

The law stands at the center of virtually every social, political, linguistic and cultural domain. It plays a critical role in shaping our most basic concepts and categories of thought and identity and responds in turn to social and historical transformations. The goal of the graduate Law, Culture and Society workshop is to facilitate the study of law as a cultural and social institution in both historical and contemporary contexts.

Design Notes:

A very simple, but effective and visually interesting workshop site build on the BlueSky WordPress theme. Individual events are listed as posts on the home page and tagged with one of several keywords. These are then displayed using the TagCloud plugin and widget in the sidebar allowing one to get an immediate overview of the relative number of events in each topic (bigger text = more posts on this topic).


Oct 09

CEERES eBulletin

CEERES eBulletin. An online eBulletin from University of Chicago’s Center for East European and Russian/Eurasian Studies (CEERES).

Design Notes:

The CEEREs eBulletin (created using the WordPress Panorama theme) is in many aspects a classic blog with all of the significant content as individual posts with information on events, grant opportunities, conferences etc. Structuring the site in this way allows one to attach content tags and post categories to each posted item (thus making the content browsable by these terms).  A list of current tags and categories are displayed in the site’s sidebar using the Category and Tag widgets.