Mar 08

What Poetry Narrates Conference

Conference website at the University of Chicago for (Ce) que la poésie raconte or, (What) Poetry Narrates.

Design Notes:

NigaRila WordPress theme. Very simple, easy to make conference website consisting of a single post on the homepage announcing the event (additional posts could have been added here for updates, announcements, schedule changes etc.) and a small number of pages for the other elements of the site (Sponsors, Contacts etc.). The text overlaid on top of the banner image is created automatically by the template. All you need to do is to prepare an image with the appropriate dimensions (the theme will even let you use and crop images that are too large for this purpose). In addition the theme allows for the use of different colors beside the default white for the site title. A site like this can easily be put together in under 20 minutes.


Mar 08

Chicago Colloquium on Digital Humanities and Computer Science

Website for the third annual Chicago Colloquium on Digital Humanities and Computer Science in 2008. The goal of the annual Chicago Colloquia on Digital Humanities and Computer Science (DHCS) is to bring together researchers and scholars in the humanities and computer science to examine the current state of digital humanities as a field of intellectual inquiry and to identify and explore new directions and perspectives for future research.

Design Notes:

The DHCS conference website (built on the Tarski WordPress theme) is structured a little more elaborately than most of the other WordPress conference sites listed on this site. To begin, the site’s home page does not default to a page listing individual posts (which is the WordPress default) but to a static page. This allows the site to specify a different page for posts. Visitors to the site first see the general info page and can then switch to the blog page for announcements and updates. In this case, the blog page was also used to record the registration information of each participant at the conference including areas of interest recorded as post categories. This in turn allowed the organizers to provide a running overview (and allow visitors to search for) who was coming to the conference, what areas they were interested in etc. You’ll also note that the items (widgets) in the sidebar are different on the home and the blog page – this is a special feature of the Tarski theme (it also provides the same functionality for footers). As a final point of interest Tarski does a nice job styling the default Page widget. You can see this on the site’s home page where parent and child pages are displayed in an easy to follow hierarchy. Once you know that such options are already built into Tarski and WordPress creating a site such as this is not at all difficult.