Oct 07

Wittgenstein Workshop

The graduate Wittgenstein Workshop aims to foster a variety of forms of interdisciplinary research that take their point of departure from a shared interest in Wittgenstein’s intellectual achievement.

Design Notes:

The Wittgenstein Workshop site uses the MistyLook WordPress theme to very good effect to create a very good looking, easy to navigate and well organized site. The restrained design elements are particularly well coordinated here by the matching color palette and calm quality of the header image. The coordinator of the site has opted to leave just one (current) event on the home page, re-writing this as needed. Older events are placed on the Archive page. Another way to achieve the same effect would be to continue writing a new post for each event but then limit the number of posts that can appear on the home page to one. WordPress will then generate a running archive of past events automatically, sorted by month and year. Another advantage of using one post per event is that events can now be assigned tags and categories. In this way one can quickly view all events about a certain topic, by a certain speaker etc.