Mar 07

All Things Visual

All Things Visual is the website and blog of the The Visual Resources Center (VRC) in the University of Chicago’s Department of Art History.

Design Notes:

The VRC’s All Things Visual site makes use of the NigaRila WordPress theme. Unlike most sites that use this theme here the default horizontal menu has been left in place. Instead, much of the space in the two parallel sidebars on the theme have set aside for RSS feeds from associated blogs, online calendars and websites. In addition the site’s home page has been switched from holding individual posts to being a static page with general information about the VRC. Posts have been set to appear on a separate News page. Here, individual posts are associated with subject tags. A tag cloud sidebar widget then makes use of this to show the relative distribution of posts across various topics.

All Things Visual also employs the WordPress Mobile Pack plugin to offer up specials, simplified versions of the site for mobile visitors with smaller screens. A screenshot of the site as seen on an iPhone for example is included below. A sample of the themes available for use with mobile devices can be viewed on the supported WordPress theme page on our wiki. Any WordPress based site can make use of custom theme support by activating the appropriate plugin.