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CWAC Courtyard

Summer is just around the corner…

Spring has Sprung!

Of Late

School ended and there’s been lots going on with the upstairs construction, lockers arriving, party having, etc. A photo essay: Spring came, and we took it in on the mound.

Lounge Flowers

This flower (called a “testament to hope” by one student) is actually blooming in the lounge right now. For two years, this otherwise slimy, limp, and lifeless plant was kept alive by Tara Morin. And today, it blooms! It may have been a hard winter, but now it really is spring.

Dissertation Haikus

You think an abstract is tough? Try 17 syllables. This delightful site can show you how to condense like you’ve never condensed before. (Thanks, Maggie!) Saint Riquier church Built, rebuilt, rebuilt, rebuilt Always something new. Rebecca Price University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Dissertation title: “The late Gothic abbey church of Saint-Riquier : an investigation of […]