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Guest Post: Research Abroad

Today, we have another thoughtful guest blogger writing about the post-coursework experience. Julia, a 4th year student on a Fulbright in Paris this year, shares her tips for keeping dissertation research marching steadily along. I haven’t always dreamed of living in France.  I don’t throw throat into my “r”s when I’m pronouncing French words in […]

Short-Term Research Fellowships from the New York Public Library

A current student just let us know about these fellowships available from the New York Public Library for “scholars from outside the New York metropolitan area engaged in graduate-level, post-doctoral, or independent research.”

Guest Post: From Coursework to Dissertation Work

Ian Bourland, a current ABD, has agreed to share his experiences making the transition from coursework to dissertation work and from Hyde Park to New York (+ various stops along the way). Thanks, Ian, for this thoughtful report! Other students: feel free to share your own experiences or questions in the comments. – I was […]

Fieldwork, in Pictures

Irene Backus, who is in Italy doing research, gave me permission to raid her Facebook page  for photos. These are just two of her charming images from La Biennale di Venezia.


After the Autumn Town Hall, it was suggested that we post a list of our students alongside institutions where they have done research. The reasoning: wouldn’t it help future field-researchers to know who has previous experience with a given institution? Yes, it would. Right? So, here is a list-in-progress. If you are about to embark […]