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2010 Scholarships for Doctoral Dissertation Research in Chinese Studies

CHINA TIMES CULTURAL FOUNDATION announces the 2010 Scholarships for Doctoral Dissertation Research in Chinese Studies: Candidates in the humanities or social sciences with an approved dissertation prospectus, enrolled at a university in the United States or Canada.  The basic award is $5,000.00.  There is a $10,000.00 special award given in memory of the founder Mr. Chi-Chung Yu, to the […]

Matt Saba Wins 2010 Margaret B. Sevcenko Prize

Current student Matt Saba won the 2010 Margaret B. Sevcenko Prize for his paper, “Abbasid Lusterware and the Aesthetics of ‘ajab.” The prize is granted annually by the Historians of Islamic Art Association for the best paper in Islamic art by a young scholar, defined as graduate school through three years past the PhD. Congratulations, Matt!

Short-Term Research Fellowships from the New York Public Library

A current student just let us know about these fellowships available from the New York Public Library for “scholars from outside the New York metropolitan area engaged in graduate-level, post-doctoral, or independent research.”

‘Playing with Pictures’

It’s possible you already read about this via the department’s Facebook page. (Yes, we have a Facebook page. Become a fan!) Either way, this warrants repeating. Current student Miranda Hofelt and department alum Liz Siegel helped put together “Playing with Pictures,” an exhibition now at MoMA, that received a positive review in Friday’s New York Times. […]

Guest Post: From Coursework to Dissertation Work

Ian Bourland, a current ABD, has agreed to share his experiences making the transition from coursework to dissertation work and from Hyde Park to New York (+ various stops along the way). Thanks, Ian, for this thoughtful report! Other students: feel free to share your own experiences or questions in the comments. – I was […]

Moving Daze

Some photos of the move, in preparation for our new floor: Lounge: Hall/Portable Power Grids: Office: 157: 152:

Holiday Potluck

We had our department Holiday Potluck last Thursday. Above, a a sample of some of the food students, faculty, and staff prepared for the party. Christine’s mom made the potato pancakes in the lower right. They were so delicious. Can we offer her a position of some kind? Really, though, all the food was fantastic, […]

Tile Two

A follow up from our last tile-related post. Though most people on the blog preferred the darker tile, we ended up requesting a third option. We felt like the dark tile would be very striking in the hallways, but worried it would be too heavy and crowding in the furniture-full offices throughout the building. And […]

New Tile!

We are so pleased to announce that CWAC is getting a new floor. Here’s why (a particularly stunning example of our current floor): And now we need your opinion. A or B? Vote in the comments!

Fieldwork, in Pictures

Irene Backus, who is in Italy doing research, gave me permission to raid her Facebook page  for photos. These are just two of her charming images from La Biennale di Venezia.