The Twelfth Annual South Asia Graduate Student Conference

South Asian Mobilities

University of Chicago

5-6 March, 2015

The 2015 edition of one of North America’s oldest and largest student conferences on South Asia will focus on the ways that the circulation of ideas and populations has shaped the socio-cultural, political, and intellectual landscapes of South Asia over the centuries. How have concepts been translated into different languages and cultural idioms, and how has the physical movement of texts, materials, and peoples formed new sorts of connections? We will explore what these questions reveal about how the diverse regions and cultural strands of South Asia have been in conversation, how we might situate the region itself within a broader global context, and, finally, what South Asia can tell us about the complex ways cultures and communities inform and shape each other.
Keynote Speakers:
Nile Green
Department of History, UCLA
Nandini Gooptu
Department of International Development, University of Oxford

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Header Image: M.F. Husain, Modes of Transport, 2008-2011. Courtesy of Usha Mittal © Victoria and Albert Museum, London