The Phonology Laboratory



Lab Meeting Schedule for Winter 2014

Time: Fridays at 12:00pm

Location: Landahl Center Seminar Room

January 10th No Lab Meeting                                                                       
January 17th Business Meeting
January 24th Alan Yu – “Understanding Individual Variation in Perceptual Compensation: Explaining Individual Variation”
January 31st Katie Franich - “Contour Tones, Vowel Length, and Syllable Weight in Medumba”
February 7th Josh Falk - “A Single-Stage Approach to Learning Phonological Categories: Insights From Inuktitut” (Dillon, Dunbar, Idsardi. 2012)
February 14th No Lab Meeting
February 21st Hyunjung Lee
February 28th Leah Chapman and Jacob Phillips
March 7th Workshop on Innovations in Cantonese Linguistics
March 14th No Lab Meeting

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