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Lights: The MESSA Journal

The Subcommittee of Publications would like to gladly announce the Spring 2013 issue of Lights: The MESSA Journal. A University of Chicago Publication.

Volume 2, Issue 3, Spring 2013


Click for issue: Volume 2, Issue 3, Spring 2013

Scoring and Selection Data for this Issue

Scoring Rubric


The Fictitious Demise of the Modern Islamic State: A Review of Wael B. Hallaq’s The Impossible State: Islam, Politics, and Modernity’s Moral Predicament,
By Sadia Ahsanuddin

A Metrical Study on The Muʽalqah of ʼImruʼu al-Qays and the Muʻallaqah of Zuhayr ʼIbn Abī Sulma,
By Abdulhamind Hadi Gadoua

Transforming Masculinity and Male Sexuality in Modernity: From the Ottoman Empire to the Turkish Republic
By Brittany Haynes

“Silhouettes d’Afrique” by Isabelle Eberhardt (1898), Trans.
by Mara Steele (2011)

The Hidden Imam’s Charisma: The Relationship between Authority and the Permissibility of Violence in Two Shīʿite Revolutionary Movements,
by Patrick Zemanek


The Review Process

The following is a detailed description of the submission and review process for Lights: The MESSA Quarterly Spring 2013.

In an attempt to keep the anonymity of submissions and the impartiality of reviewers, the Subcommittee of Publications assigned the position of Senior Executive Submissions Editor to Tasha Ramos. Serving in this position, Tasha was excluded from the review session, but was delegated the task of efficiently collecting submissions and providing a method for the review board to critique the submissions. Mohammad Sagha (Executive Managing Editor), Golriz Farshi (Executive Graphic Design), Nadia Qazi (Executive Production Editor),  Patrick Zemanick (Executive Review Editor), and Samee Sulaiman (Web Editor) served as the submissions review board. Tasha gave each submission a number. Then, each submission was randomly assigned two reviewers for scoring, with a third reader as a consultant. If any possibility arose of a reviewer recognizing an author from their work, the Executive Submissions Editor assigned the piece to another reader before the review process began. The review board was not informed of authors’ names, nor were they notified of the names of submitters who were rejected for publication.

Due to the anonymity of the process, MESSA board members and active members were able to submit their work. Some submissions from active members were accepted, whereas others were rejected.  The Senior Executive Submissions Editor, keeping in line with the bylaws of the Subcommittee of Publications, only knows the names of those rejected.

Want to view the Lights Scoring Rubric?

Questions? Comments? Contact the Subcommittee of Publications:

Tasha Ramos <nramos@uchicago.edu>

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