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Course Listings

The following list includes courses commonly taught from year to year. For the most current information, as well as recent and upcoming courses on special topics, visit the University’s Time Schedule.

NEHC 30255: An Introduction to Shi’ite Islam
NEHC 30501-30502-30503: Islamic History & Society
NEHC 30507: Byzantine Empire, 1025-1453
NEHC 30568: Balkan Folklore
NEHC 30573: The Burden of History: The Nation and its Lost Paradise
NEHC 30601-30602-30603: Islamic Thought & Literature
NEHC 30631: Approaches to the Study of the Middle East
NEHC 30642: The High Caliphate
NEHC 30885: Returning the Gaze: The Balkans and Western Europe

ARAB 10101-10102-10103: Elementary Arabic
ARAB 20101-20102-20103: Intermediate Arabic
ARAB 30201-30202-30203: High Intermediate Modern Standard Arabic
ARAB 30201-30202-30203: High Intermediate Classical Arabic
ARAB 40101-40102: Advanced Arabic Syntax I-II
ARAB 40355-40356-40357: Readings in Modern Arabic Literature

ARME 10101-10102-10103: Elementary Armenian
ARME 20101-20102-20103: Intermediate Armenian

HEBR 10101-10102-10103: Elementary Classical Hebrew
HEBR 10501-10502-10503: Elementary Modern Hebrew
HEBR 20001-20002-20003: Inscriptions
HEBR 20104-20105-20106: Intermediate Classical Hebrew
HEBR 20301-20302: Tannaitic Hebrew Texts
HEBR 20501-20502-20503: Intermediate Modern Hebrew
HEBR 30201-30202: Dead Sea Scrolls
HEBR 30501-30502-30503: Advanced Modern Hebrew
HEBR 30601: Advanced Readings in Modern Hebrew

PERS 10101-10102-10103: Elementary Persian
PERS 20101-20102-20103: Intermediate Persian

TURK 10101-10102-10103: Elementary Turkish
TURK 20101-20102-20103: Intermediate Turkish
TURK 30111-30112-30113: Readings in Advanced Turkish
TURK 30501-30502-30503: Ottoman Turkish

UZBK 10101-10102-10103: Elementary Uzbek
UZBK 20101-20102-20103: Intermediate Uzbek

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