Getting Your Student ID

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the reg

Now that you’ve gotten your CNet ID and email all set up, the next step in official student-dom is getting your ID card. Your student ID (called a UChicago card here) gives you access to the following fabulous prizes:

  • Library access
  • riding for free on campus buses (171, 172, 173)
  • making copies in the Regenstein
  • gym access
  • and MORE

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Meet Your Staff

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the MAPH office

the MAPH office

In addition to the mentors (who you met last time), there are two main denizens who haunt the MAPH office and will be there to answer your questions and help get you through the year.

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Meet Your Mentors

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Hey!  We are your new mentors. We graduated from MAPH last month.  Once everything gets started, we will be [a few of] the people you can go to for general advice.  We will also help plan events for the program and serve as friendly faces you can find in the office. In the meantime, feel free to contact us.

Mentors 2013

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What You Need to Know About Convocation ’13

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keep calm and just graduate

(This post is for those MAPHers graduating this quarter. For those of you taking more time—carry on!)

Alright, so you’ve turned in your thesis. Congratu-freaking-lations! I don’t need to tell you just how big of a deal that is. But now your eyes are naturally turning towards graduation (despite those two pesky finals you have left). Here’s everything you need to know:

If you haven’t already, you should be heading over to the bookstore (at 58th and Ellis—not the Seminary Co-op) to purchase your caps and gowns. At U of C, only PhD students are hooded—Masters students are distinguished by the long sleeves on their robes. And yes, caps and gowns are required to walk!

All convocation events are on Saturday, June 15th. Tickets are not required for any of the events. The schedule is:

convocation uchicago 18949:15am College Convocation, Main Quadrangle

This is a massive ceremony for all undergraduates and graduates in every division. No names are called and no diplomas are handed out—it’s more of a formal ceremony, an extra for those of you who want to attend. It certainly isn’t mandatory, but you’re more than welcome to go (it was a little too early for yours truly during her MAPH year). (Pictured right: a photo from my MAPH year.)

11:30am Lunch, Bartlett Commons and Bartlett Quadrangle

Lunch is provided for all Humanities Division graduates and their guests. As MAPHers constitute the majority of each year’s Humanities graduates, we will be making a large showing! The Director and Deputy Directors will likely say a few kind words, and you will bask in kinship while surreptitiously examining people’s families for funny resemblances.

mandel hall graduation1:45pm Diploma and Hooding Ceremony, Mandel Hall

After the lunch, the mentors will lead everyone in a large group over to Mandel Hall. MAPH graduates line up in one of the rooms outside of Mandel prior to the ceremony about half an hour before it begins. If you are skipping the lunch and meeting us at Mandel, just look out for MAPHers and/or mentors in their gowns.

At 1:45 you will process into Mandel Hall amidst a fanfare of bagpipes. Names will be called, diplomas will be given out, noisy embarrassing tears will be shed by your Program Coordinator and maybe one of the mentors. You know which one.

2:45pm Post-Ceremony Toast, Bartlett Quadrangle

Just a celebratory toast to the graduates with families, friends and faculty! Not mandatory, but will be nice.

And that’s it all the information I have for you. Hopefully I’ll see you around before (and after!) convocation—don’t be a stranger now, y’hear?

Everything (seriously, everything) you want to know about MAPH Summer Internships.

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Work?You know how we have been telling you all since Colloquium to use this year to think about your professional life, as well as your academic life? Well, this time we really mean it. Now that the bulk of Winter Quarter is behind you, it is time to seriously consider—and more than consider, actually take action on—your post-MAPH plans. You will hear a lot of moaning and groaning from us over the next few months begging and pleading with you to come talk to us about resumes, cover letters and all other things “job-application-y.” These are all things that you should do. And while a great burden will befall you come June 15th, MAPH tries to alleviate some of this stress by offering paid (yes, you read that right: PAID) summer internships.  » Read the rest of this entry «

Making the Most of Campus Days 2013

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On April 7th and 8th, the Master of Arts Program in the Humanities (MAPH) will be holding Campus Days for newly admitted students. Our goal is to show you as much of MAPH as we possibly can in two action-packed days, to help you decide whether or not this program is right for you. Campus Days is not mandatory for admitted students, but we highly encourage it! If you will be able to make it this year, here is an idea of what you will have to look forward to, and some advice as to how to make the best of it.

RSVP for Campus Days 2013 Here!


Classics Building

MAPH reimburses up to $200 of travel expenses for prospective students attending Campus Days! So make sure you keep track of your receipts. Check this page for more information and to make sure your trip will be eligible. 

If you’re coming in from out of town, you’ll obviously need to figure out where to stay. I recommend staying with a current MAPH student if possible; it’s a great way to get insider information on the program, and to experience the kind of life you might lead in Hyde Park. Contact us for more information about this, as our students will have limited space! Otherwise there are several great places to stay in Hyde Park and downtown. Check this page for more details to help plan your stay. 


The first event (Sunday at 2:30pm) will be the preview of the second issue of ColloquiumMAPH’s new student-run journal. Colloquium showcases the critical and creative work of MAPH students and alumni in a snappy web publication. Check out the first issue now, and be sure to come by the preview event to hear about the work current students are doing, as well as get any information on how to submit work or serve on the editorial board during your MAPH year.


Following the preview is the official welcome for Campus Days at 4:30pm! Dean of Humanities Martha Roth, Director of MAPH David Wray, and Deputy Directors of MAPH Ben Callard and Hilary Strang will give a short talk about the program and an official welcome. We will then screen Jacques Tati’s 1967 film, Playtime, with a faculty panel on the film to follow on Monday morning.

After the film, there will be a current student panel at 6:00pm. Current students from diverse fields will be in attendance, ready to take any and all questions about life in MAPH. Then after an hour or so, everyone will walk over to the new Logan and Reva Center for the Arts for the MAPH Welcome Dinner around 7:00pm. Come enjoy delicious catered food and mingle with other prospectives, current MAPH students, faculty and staff!

Breakfast will be served buffet style in the Classics Building from 8:30-10:00am, for any early birds among you! Then at 10:00am, there will be a faculty panel on Playtime. It should be an insightful event, and an opportunity to hear from some of the faculty you may be interacting with throughout your year in MAPH—maybe even a future advisor! Specific panel members will be listed on the Campus Days Schedule as we know them.

After the faculty panel, we will hold a MAPH alumni panel at 11:15. The panel will consist of MAPH alumni from diverse fields such as cultural policy, journalism, education, museum and art curation, as well as current PhD students. They will provide their perspectives on the program as former students, and illustrate how their experiences here have translated to their respective careers and life trajectories.

Thesis BBQ 3

Everyone will be going their own way from 12-4. Lunch is independent, but we will provide a handout upon your arrival that should help you figure out where to eat at any of Hyde Park’s delicious restaurants. How you spend the next few hours is entirely up to you. Options include sitting in on a class, attending faculty office hours, going on campus tours, visiting departments and more! And if you are seeking travel reimbursement, don’t forget to square that with us during this time! Detailed information about participating in all of these options will be made available on your arrival to campus, and we will be updating the website as details come in, so check back often.

Finally, on Monday from 4-6 we will hold the MAPH Campus Days closing reception. We will have dinner with prospectives, current students, MAPH faculty and staff to bid you all farewell—but hopefully will see you soon again!

Well, that’s all the information I have for you now. I hope to see you there!


Hey! New Blood!

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This is me! When I was five! The first one to accurately guess which one is me gets a prize!

Hi everybody! Hilary suggested that I write an introductory blog post about myself, so that’s what this is I guess! My name is Sarah, and I am the new Program Coordinator for MAPH. For immediate identification purposes, I am the really short one lurking at the desk in the MAPH office. You may also encounter me as Confused Wanderer of the Classics Building or Awkward Interjector into Office Conversations.

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The MAPH Office

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It may be of some interest to note…

There is free coffee here at the MAPH Office, located at 1010 E 59th Street, Classics Room 117.

Come, say hi, meet the MAPH mentors!  We’re excited to meet all of you, weird as that reads in type, like we’re distant relatives or something, but really, we know something about you in terms of declared academic interest and that, and really, you seem like an interesting incoming class!

Also, Maren (our program coordinator) and Hilary (our associate director) live here, in the office I mean, and they are also excited to say hi, also.

So!  Free coffee!!

From the New Mentors

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Classics Quad in Summer…not a bad place to be

Hey MAPHers!

Just wanted to extend a hello from your friendly neighborhood Mentors.  We are excited for your arrival to campus and look forward to opening festivities.

Throughout the year, we hope that you will view us as a resource for, well, anything.  The three of us completed MAPH this Spring, and the experience is still fresh in our memories.  We can help you find answers to just about any question you might have about the Program, Hyde Park, UChicago, how to communicate with professors, and places to go up North and farther afield (coming blog posts, we promise).

As for the blog, feel free to start posting comments if you’re bursting with energy and anticipation.  We will answer any and all questions that you might have.  There are no stupid ones.  If you want to contact us directly, our email addresses are:

A-J Aronstein –

Amelia Pace-Borah –

Phil Stillman –

By all means, if you’re in Hyde Park already, come say hello in the office.  Remember that we’re in the Classics Building in Room 117.  You might be interested in the MAPH Facebook Page and/or following us on twitter at MAPHMentors.  (And of course, stay tuned for the MAPH eHarmony bio…)

For now, enjoy the summer, and bookmark Puppy Cam.  It will bring happiness in even the toughest time the whole year round.


Amelia, Phil, and A-J

Sick, Scared, or Upset? Know who to call.

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Around the MAPH office, we all know the feeling of panic that’s likely to set in after your first less-than-stellar grade. And we’ll do our best to answer your questions about how MAPH works, from course scheduling to academic challenges to living in Hyde Park, but the truth is that we don’t know everything. We can give you a band-aid or an aspirin, but more serious illnesses are beyond our diagnostic skills. Lucky for you, the University has a whole hospital. Furthermore, the University of Chicago is big enough that they have people on hand to answer questions and handle all kinds of situations that we can’t (like, say, how to quit smoking or decode the rules and stipulations of your health insurance — though in either case, we’re happy to commiserate).

So when you need help, and you’ve got a problem that you suspect is beyond the scope of our capabilities, or if we’re closed, or even if you just don’t quite feel ready to tell us about what’s going on, resources are available to you. And you can find a clear, organized list of resouces at TN_8-3-07_4ga3We hope you won’t need them, but why not bookmark the site, just in case?