Two Dos, Two Don’ts: Ta Da

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Things To Do

The Personal Edition


Last week we posted a more practical To Do List, with things like IDs and immunization forms. Hopefully we can intersperse those activities with some of the more enjoyable aspects of living in Chicago. Read below for ideas of how to spend the last couple of weeks of summer and hopefully relax a bit before we dive into Colloquium on the 14th!

1. Read about Chicago! This is a great time to find out about events here and to pick a news source for the year. Check out Chicago Reader, Time Out Chicago, or New City. There are also the long-standing Chicago newspapers, The Tribune and Sun-Times.

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[You] Want to Ride [A] Bicycle

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Those of you who have already arrived in Chicago have probably noticed a preponderance of bikers. While there are plenty of other transportation methods available, many Chicagoans find that the easiest and fastest way to get around the city is on two wheels.  Here are some resources that I’ve found useful while living here: » Read the rest of this entry «

Out of Bounds: In the Shadow of His Airness (Hosted by Harrison Sherrod ’13)

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If anyone is already in town and looking for something fun and interesting to do this weekend, check out this event!  Harrison Sherrod, a recent MAPH alum, is hosting it with South Side Projections and Media Burn Archive.

Out of Bounds flyer copy


To Swim or Not To Swim (But Really….Go Swim).

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MAPH Beach

The View from Above MAPH Beach

Hilary makes an excellent point about swimming in the Lake.  Namely, go swim in the freaking Lake.  As I mentioned in a previous post, unlike the Great Cities of the Eastern Megalopolis, it is extremely unlikely that you will find a dead body when you swim in Lake Michigan.  The unofficial “MAPH Beach”–so dubbed by last year’s coach of the unofficial-but-very-radical MAPH Swimming, Diving, and Sunbathing Team, Chris Burwell–is located on the north side of  Promontory Point, down along the rocks.  There are several very easy entrances into the water, but if you have tough feet and are, I dunno, trying to impress people you’ve just met, you can just jump in anywhere.  I hate to sound like your mom-grandma-older auntie-or whatever but DON’T dive.  At least not the first time.  On calm days, you can wade out for about 50-75 yards from the shore in waist or chest-deep water.  Very nice!

MAPH beach is not, strictly speaking, a beach, and if you crave sand for some strange reason, there are the 57th Street and 63rd Street Beaches.  The upside to MAPH Beach is that it is almost always uncrowded (except for, like, Sunday afternoons).  There is no lifeguard, but again, unless you’re afraid of drowning while standing up, you should be, probably, good to go.  As for more “scenester” beaches, check out the North Ave Beach.  There’s a bar shaped like a boat (Castaways), 800 trillion intense volleyball courts, and lots of bros.  So if you’re into that kind of thing, do it.  It’s very crowded on weekends, but you might say that just makes for “good people watching.” (The Lake, e. coli, and you….after the jump) » Read the rest of this entry «

Intramural Sports!

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A post from a recent MAPH grad on the joys of graduate school intramural sports!

Hello new MAPHers.As an alumnus of the MAPH soccer team, I have been asked to provide you with some information about playing intramural sports in the coming year. In the first couple of weeks you may be wondering how anybody could find the time to play sports, let alone compete in a league. I can tell you that I would never have made it through the year if it weren’t for intramurals. » Read the rest of this entry «

Yoga at Millennium Park

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by Margaret

On the Great Lawn of the Pritzker Pavilion, nestled between the lake and the Loop, you can strike up a downward facing dog and breathe deep. Wait. Working out in the park? Oh yes. Millennium Park sponsors free yoga sessions at 8:00 each Saturday morning, followed up by a pilates session at 9:00– each workout lasts 45 minutes and you’ve got that huge futuristic metal thing to look at and fresh air to fill your lungs.

If 8 or 9 is way too early, you could join in on the hip hop workout at 10, led by the Culture Shock Dance Troupe.

When you’re done you can ramble around the gardens & check out your sweaty reflection on the underside of the Bean–or even get soaked in the collosal sculptures that screen close-up shots of people’s faces and double as water-gushing fountains.

Check out Millennium Park’s website and the complete listing of Saturday morning workouts here:

Filling the College Sports Void in Your Life

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Your college’s sports in places other than your college….

I came to U of C from the University of Michigan. While we took our education very seriously, we also took our college sports (especially football) equally as seriously. Since U of C lacks that college sports element (refreshingly so, in most cases), if you are looking to fill that college sports fan void in your life, Chicago is filled with bars that have certain college affiliations. I highly suggest that if you enjoy college sports to go watch your favorite team, unless you’re an Ohio State fan, then you should just sit home and question your life (I had to get at least one OSU jab in! I expect many UofM disses to come in lieu of their current season…) Here is a quick run down of Big Ten bars plus the Notre Dame bars. Feel free to leave your opinions, positive and negative, plus any bars I may have left out that are great for game-watching. And while I appreciate rivalry, let’s keep all rivalry remarks in a non-vicious format:
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