Anderson, Michael Alan (Ph.D. 2008)

Michael Alan Anderson completed his first year as Assistant Professor Musicology at the Eastman School of Music (University of Rochester) and has enjoyed the new challenges of academic life from the other side of the fence. In 2008-09, he taught a Ph.D. seminar on the medieval motet, a master’s level survey of medieval music, a […]

Burkholder, J. Peter (Ph.D. 1983)

J. Peter Burkholder is now Chair of the Department of Musicology at Indiana University’s Jacobs School of Music.  He spent part of October 2008 at the University of Alabama in residency as Endowed Chair of Musicology, and spent May 2009 in Krakow in residency at Jagiellonian University, giving lectures there and at the University of […]

Bashwiner, David

David Bashwiner is ABD in the History and Theory of Music, soon to complete his PhD entitled, “Musical Emotion: Towards a Biologically Grounded Theory,” work which has been generously supported by a Whiting Dissertation Fellowship. Bashwiner has spoken at conferences internationally, including a poster presentation given at The Neurosciences and Music III conference in Montréal […]

Rings, Steven

Steven Rings spent the 2008–09 academic year immersed in research, teaching, and administrative duties. He was awarded the Whiting Foundation Fellowship for Excellence in Teaching, which will provide him with a full year of research leave in 2009–10, in addition to supplying the Music Department with funds for replacement teaching. On the research front, Steve […]

Zbikowski, Lawrence

Last summer Lawrence Zbikowski was interviewed by staff of the University of Chicago’s news office, and the results of the interview and a September photo shoot appeared in a December 2008 feature on his work that included a brief video clip in which he played a bit of guitar. In the more workaday world, he […]