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Simeon Chavel is Assistant Professor of Hebrew Bible in the Divinity School. A graduate of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, then Lecturer in the Department of Religion at Princeton University, Simeon Chavel arrived at Chicago in the fall of 2009. His interests range across what he calls “the religious imagination” of ancient Israel; literary questions of genre, rhetoric and poetics, with particular interest in law; and the relationship between history and forms of historiography. He employs an interdisciplinary approach that takes into account ancient Near Eastern culture, composition history (“source criticism”), manuscript history (“textual criticism”) and rabbinic interpretation. Recent and upcoming publications treat the Second Passover of Numbers 9, the combination of law and narrative in biblical historiography, and the motif of looking at God’s face. Current courses include “Family Matters in Ancient Israel,” “Law in Biblical Literature,” and “Zion and Zaphon: Biblical Texts from Seventh Century Judah.”


Past Courses

BIBL 31800. Family Matters in Ancient Israel. Winter 2010

BIBL 32700. Law in Biblical Literature. Spring 2010

BIBL 44600. Zion and Zaphon: Biblical Texts from Seventh Century Judah. Winter 2010

BIBL 44800. Words of the Wise: Proverbs and Qohelet. Spring 2010