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Paul Mendes-Flohr is Professor of Modern Jewish Thought in the Divinity School and an associate member of the Department of History. His research and teaching interests include modern Jewish intellectual history, modern Jewish philosophy and religious thought, especially German Jewish philosophy and theology, figures such as Buber and Rosenzweig, philosophy of religion, German intellectual history, and the history and sociology of intellectuals. He serves as co-editor-in-chief of the collected works of Martin Buber (in German), and recently authored Jüdische Identität Die zwei Seele der deutschen Juden and a volume in Hebrew, “Progress and its Discontents.” He is currently completing a biography of Martin Buber, and another on Franz Rosenzweig as well as a third work, Post-Traditional Jewish Identities (the Samuel and Althea Stroum Lectures). A volume of his essays on modern Jewish intellectual history is soon to be published in Spanish. The 3rd, expanded edition of the documentary history he authored with Jehuda Reinharz, The Jew in the Modern World, is to scheduled to appear in the fall of 2010.


Past Courses

HIJD 451. Zakhor: His Memory and Modern Jewish Thought. Winter 2000

HIJD 449. Buber: I and Thou. Winter 2000

RLST 20900. Franz Rosenzweig’s Concept of Revelation. Taught with Eric Santner. Winter 2002

JWSG 327. Modern Jewish Religious Thought. Autumn 2000, Autumn 2005

HEBR 366-367. East/West European Concepts of Judaism I & II. Taught with Menachem Brinker. Autumn 2000, Winter 2001, Winter 2004, Winter 2005

HIJD 302. History of Christian and Jewish Thought. Taught with Kathryn Tanner. Winter 2001

HCHR 47300-47400. Conceptions and Traditions in Judaism I & II. Taught with Michael Fishbane. Autumn 2001, Winter 2002

JWSG 39600. Exile in Jewish Thought and Literature. Taught with Manchem Brinker. Autumn 2002

JWSG 49000. Cohen: Religion of Reason. Autumn 2002

DVPR 48100. Strauss on Philosophy and Law. Taught with Joel Kraemer. Winter 2003

JWSG 32600. Spinoza & Mendelssohn. Autumn 2003, Winter 2006, Winter 2009

JWSG 33600. Franz Rosenzweig. Winter 2004

HIJD 43800. Brauer Seminar. Taught with William Schweiker. Winter 2004

HIJD 45900. Philosophy of Dialogue. Winter 2005

HIJD 45101.  History and Memory in Jewish Thoguht. Autumn 2005

JWSG 49700. Colloquium in Jewish Studies. Winter 2006

THEO 53500. Levinas and Rosenzweig. Taught with David Tracy. Autumn 2006

HIJD 50601. Simmel and Weber on Modernity. Taught with Martin Riesebrodt. Winter 2007

HIJD 45901 “Religious as Presence”: Martin Buber. Autumn 2007

HIJD 47800. Hermann Cohen’s “Religion of Reason.” Autumn 2007

GRMN 37308. Messianism and Modernity. Taught with Eric Santner. Winter 2008

HIJD 47200. Modern Jewish Intellectual History. Autumn 2008

HIJD 48200. Leo Strauss and Judaism. Autumn 2008

HIJD 44100. Kant and Judaism. Winter 2009

HIJD 46100-46200 Franz Rosenzweig’s Star Of Redemption-Parts I & II. Autumn 2009, Winter 2010

HIJD 47600. Gershom Scholem: The Theologian. Autumn 2009

JWSC 22901/32901. Colloq: Arendt’s Texts on Jewishness, Palestine, Israel. Taught with Michael Geyer