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Orit Bashkin is Associate Professor of Modern Middle Eastern History. Educated in Israel and at Princeton (Ph.D. 2004), Orit Bashkin’s research interests include Arab intellectual history, modern Iraqi history, and the history of Arab-Jews in Iraq and Israel. Her book, The Other Iraq: Pluralism and Culture in Hashemite Iraq, 1921-1958, was published in 2009 by Stanford University Press. She has also co-edited a collection of translations into Hebrew of seminal works by Egyptian intellectuals, and is currently working on a second book dealing with intellectuals in Hashemite Iraq. Her teaching includes courses on the Jews in the Arab lands.


Past Courses

NEHC 20906. The Arab-Israeli Conflict in Literature and Film. Autumn 2005, Autumn 2006, Winter 2008, Autumn 2009

CMES 30001. Approaches to the Study of the Middle East. Autumn 2007

JWSC 20505. Jews Under Islamic Rule. Winter 2010

SOSC 28853. Jerusalem in Middle Eastern Civilizations. Spring 2009.

NEHC. Semitic Cultures and Civilizations. Spring 2010