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Michael Geyer is Samuel N. Harper Professor of German and European History and Faculty Director of the Human Rights Program. His research and teaching focus on twentieth-century German and European history. Among the topics on which he has written are the German military, resistance against the Third Reich, the culture of death and sacrifice, intellectuals in contemporary Germany, genocide, and the holocaust as well as on German and German-Jewish memory. His teaching includes courses on Hannah Arendt’s writings — less as a model than as a source of intellectual provocation. Dr. Geyer co-founded and currently serves as director of the Human Rights Program at the University of Chicago. His interest in the history and theory of human rights emerges from his concern with war, peace, and the constitution of civil society. The question of rights – how people know that they have them and, equally important, that strangers have them too – informs his teaching on the matter.


Past Courses

HIST 296. Nazi Genocide and War. Winter 2000

HMRT 202. Human Rights. Winter 2000, Winter 2002, Winter 2003, Winter 2006, Winter 2009, Winter 2010

HIST 911. Contemporary European History. Spring 2000, Summer 2000, Autumn 2000, Winter 2001, Spring 2001, Summer 2001, Autumn 2001, Autumn 2009

HIST 53100. German History and Histriography. Autumn 2001, Spring 2005

HIST 22400. Humanitarian Movements and Politics. Winter 2002

HMRT 22500. Reading Hannah Arendt. Winter 2003

HIST 53000. WWI History and Histriography. Spring 2003

HIST 53200. Catastrophic Nationalism. Spring 2003

HIST 23303. Europe: 1930-Present. Winter 2007

HIST 24301. Berlin and Hong Kong in the Cold War. Spring 2007

HIST 23507. The Russo-German War. Autumn 2008

HIST 73501-73502. France and Germany I & II. Taught with Leora Auslander. Autumn 2003, Winter 2004

JWSC 22901/32901. Colloq: Arendt’s Texts on Jewishness, Palestine, Israel. Taught with Paul Mendes-Flohr. Winter 2010