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Michael Fishbane is Nathan Cummings Professor of Jewish Studies in the Divinity School. Trained in Semitic languages, biblical studies, and Judaica, Fishbane’s writings range from the ancient Near East and biblical studies to rabbinics, the history of Jewish interpretation, Jewish mysticism, and modern Jewish thought and theology. Two of his books, Biblical Interpretation in Ancient Israel and The Kiss of God, have won the National Jewish Book Award in scholarship. Most recently, he has published a commentary on the prophetic lectionary (Haftarot) in Judaism (2002), Biblical Myth and Rabbinic Mythmaking (2003), and Sacred Attunement: A Jewish Theology (2008). He is now completing a multileveled comprehensive commentary presenting the full range of Jewish interpretations on the Song of Songs. Also in progress are a study of Jewish liturgical poetry and a treatment of spiritual exercises in Jewish religious history.



Past Courses

HUD 400. Midrash: Lamentations Rabba. Winter 2000

HUD 412. The Book of Zohar. Spring 2000

JWSC. Studies in Midrash. Autumn 2000

THEO 465. The Wrath of God in the Hebrew Bible.  Winter 2001

HUMA 201. Judaic Covilization. Winter 2001

HIJD 477. Poetical Theology. Spring 2001, Spring 2005

HIJD 47000. Studies in Aggadic Midrash. Autumn 2001

HCHR 47300-47400. Concepts and Traditions in Judaism 1-2. Autumn 2001, Winter 2002

HUD 45000. Studies in Legal Midrash. Winter2002

BIBL 45700. Studies in Midrash. Autumn 2002

HIJD 46800. Ancient Jewish Liturgical Poetry. Autumn 2002

BIBL 45200 Studies in Midrash: Eliezer. Winter 2003

JWSC 28500. Jewish Spiritual Perfection and Piety. Winter 2003

BIBL 43000. Tradition and Building Ancient Judaism. Autumn 2003

BIBL 40200. Midrash: Song of Songs Rabba Winter 2004

HIJD 51000. Proseminar un Madrash. Spring 2004

HIJD 34301. Safed: Mystical Ethics. Autumn 2004

HIJD 49000. Mekhilta De-Rabbi Ishmael. Winter 2005

HIJD 31800. Mystical Theology of Maggid Dov Ber. Spring 2005

HIJD 40100-40200. Song of Songs I & II. Autumn 2005, Spring 2006, Autumn 2007

THEO 43601. Modern Jewish Theology: Neo-mysticism. Spring 2006

HIJD 46500. Studies in Midrash: Genesis Rabba

BIBL 20800. Jewish Thought and Literature 1. Autumn 2006, Autumn 2007

HIJD 43200. Forms and Features of Midrash Literature. Spring 2007

HIJD 43900. Medieval Jewish Mysticism. Spring 2007

HIJD 37000. Jewish Liturgical Poetry and the Making of the Rabbinic Epic. Spring.

HIJD 41700. Giving and Receiving. Spring 2010

HIJD 47900 Midrashic Traditions about Sinai and Revelation. Autumn.

HIJD 49400. The Book of Job and the Problem of Evil. Autumn. 2009