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Leora Auslander is Professor of European Social History and Founding Director of the Center for Gender Studies. Her research and teaching interests are in the fields of material culture, the history and theory of the everyday, gender history and theory, histories and theories of citizenship and national belonging, and most recently, of minority diasporic cultures, particularly that of the Jews. Her ongoing book project, Strangers at Home, is a comparative analysis of Paris and Berlin in the twentieth century, and her most recent area of research is at the intersection of Jewish history and material culture, including publications on Jewish taste and the aesthetics of everyday life in Paris and Berlin, Jews in Postwar Paris, and the question when a cultural practice is Jewish. Her teaching includes a civilization course on “European Judaism as Minority Diasporic Culture.”


Past Courses

HIST 91400. Modern European Social History. Winter 2000, Winter 2001, Spring 2001, Autumn 2001, Winter 2002

HIST 904. European Gender History: 1798-2000. Spring 2000, Winter 2001

HIST 741. Metropolitan/Colonial Europe: 1798-2000. Autumn 2000

HIST 502. Race/Gender/Nation. Spring 2001, Winter 2002

HIST 2270. Jewish Life in France and Germany. Autumn 2001

HIST 23402. Modern Jewish Thought. Winter 2004

HIST 22701. European Judaism as a Minority Cult. Winter 2004

SOSC 12200. Self, Culture, and Society. Winter 2005

HIST 23303. Europe: 1930-Present. Spring 2005

HIST 73201. France & Central European Religion and Politics. Autumn 2006, Winter 2007

HIST 53301. Gender in Europe. Autumn 2007

HIST 73801. Race, Racism, and Anti-Racism in Europe. Winter 2008

HIST 74201. The Politics of Everyday Life. Autumn 2009, Winter 2010.

JWSC 20003. Jewish History and Society III: European Judaism as Minority
Diasporic Culture. Spring 2008