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James Robinson is Associate Professor of the History of Judaism in the Divinity School. His research focuses on medieval Jewish intellectual history, philosophy, and biblical exegesis in the Islamic world and Christian Europe. Among his special interests are the literary and social dimensions of philosophy, and the relation between philosophy and religion; the history of philosophical-allegorical exegesis; the translation and reception of Greek and Arabic philosophy and science; Jewish Sufism and Neoplatonism; Maimonides, Maimonideanism, and the Maimonidean controversies; religious polemic; and the interactions between the Jewish, Islamic, and Christian intellectual traditions. Among his courses are “Jewish Philosophy in the Middle Ages”; “Medieval Commentaries on Ecclesiastes”; “Readings in Maimonides’ Guide of the Perplexed”; “The Jews in Medieval Spain”; “Jewish Heretics and Apostates in the Middle Ages”; and “Soul, Intellect and Immortality in Medieval Jewish Thought.”


Past Courses

NEHC 30441. Jewish Philosophy in the Middle Ages. Autumn 2003, Winter 2006

HIJD 45500. Medieval Commentary on Ecclesiastes. Spring 2004

HIJD 41900. The Jewish Study of the bible in the Middle Ages. Winter 2005

HJID 42900. The Jews in Medieval Spain. Winter 2005

HIJD 42700. Interactions between Jewish Philosophy and Literature. Spring 2005

JWSC 20100. Judaic Civilization 2. Winter 2006

HIJD 50600. Soul, Intellect, and Immortality in Medieval Jewish Thought. Spring 2006

SOSC 28852. Jerusalem in Middle Eastern Civilizations 2. Spring 2009

JWSC 20005. Jewish Thought and Literature II: Rabbinic Judaism from the Mishnah to Maimonides. Winter 2010

ISLM 48500. Islamic and Jewish Neoplatanism. Winter 2010