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Friedman: here, there, everywhere

Wednesday, April 15th, 2009

While in Macedonia this year on Fulbright-Hays and Guggenheim grants, Slavic linguistics professor Victor Friedman has still managed to faithfully update us on his prolific activities abroad. Here’s what he’s been doing:

Recently published articles:

  • “Turkish Presents in Romani Dialects.”  Turcological Letters to Bernt Brendemoen (Festschrift), ed. by É. Csató & al. Oslo: Insitute for Comparative research in Human Culture. 2009. 109-121.
  • “On the origin of final -e in the plural of the verbal l-form in Macedonian: Possible Contact Influences.”  Juzhnoslovenski filolog, Vol. 64, 2008, 531-534.
  • “Determination and Doubling in Balkan Borderlands,” Harvard Ukrainian Studies, Vol 28, 2006, 117-130. [published 2009]

Recent talks given:

  • “Multilingualsim in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia-Current Perspectives on the Past, Present, and Future,” Institute for Slavic Studies, Humboldt University, Berlin, 9 February 2009.
  • “Language Politics and Language Policies in the Western Balkans: Infinitives, Turkisms and Eurology,” Kennedy Institute – Free University of Berlin, 11 February 2009.
  • “On Defining the Sprachbund: Areal vs. Typological Linguistics in the Balkans and Europe,” University of Potsdam, 12 February 2009.
  • “Bucephalos as Trojan Horse:  Competing Discourses of Autochthony in the Republic of Macedonia,”  Institute for Southeast European Studies, Free University of Berlin, 13 February 2009.
  • “Dialectology, Typology, and Areal Linguistics,” Linguistics Department, University of Manchester, 24 February 2009.
  • “Makedonski kako slovenski i balkanski jazik [Macedonian as a Slavic and as a Balkan language],” opening lecture for post-graduate students in Macedonian Studies, University Sts. Cyril amd Methodius of Skopje, 28 February 2009.
  • “Makedonija i Evropa od lingvistichka gledna tochak (Macedonian:  Macedonia and Europe from the viewpoint of linguistics).” Public lecture sponsored by the Office of the Provost and the Philological Faculty, Sts. Cyril and Methodius, University of Skopje, 13 March 2009.

Midtlyng at UIUC African Linguistics conference

Wednesday, April 15th, 2009

Patrick Midtlyng gave a talk entitled “The effects of speech rate on initial plosives and click accompaniments in Zulu” at the 40th Annual Conference on African Linguistics. The conference was held at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign last Friday, April 10. Great job, Patrick!

Paz and Debenport moving on up

Friday, April 10th, 2009

Alejandro Paz, joint PhD student in Linguistics and Anthropology, has accepted a position at the University of Toronto – Scarborough. The position is half in Linguistics and half in Intersections, Exchanges and Encounters in the Humanities.

Meanwhile, Erin Debenport has been awarded a Mellon/ACLS postdoctoral fellowship for next year. Many congratulations to each of you, Erin and Alejandro!

Upcoming talks for Dahlstrom and Kirby

Friday, April 10th, 2009

This summer, Amy Dahlstrom will be speaking on “OBJ Θ without OBJ: A typology of Meskwaki objects” at the 2009 Lexical Functional Grammar Conference. The annual conference will be held at the University of Cambridge in July.

James Kirby will be giving two talks in May. The first, “Linguistic experience in tone perception,” will be given at the 2nd ASA Special Workshop on Speech in Portland on May 23. Six days later, James will be presenting “Tonal similarity and tone perception in Vietnamese” at the 19th Meeting of the Southeast Asian Linguistic Society in Saigon.

Jerry Sadock to be interviewed

Friday, April 10th, 2009

The department’s own Jerry Sadock will be the first interviewee in a series of  videotaped “Lives in Linguistics,” to be taped on April 21 in the Karen Landahl Center at 3:15. Friends are welcome to attend!

We’ll be having two other guests in May: Catherine Chvany, on May 5, and Lila Gleitman on May 11, both part of the Franke Institute for the Humanities. More on that to come.

James D. McCawley, 1938 – 1999

Friday, April 10th, 2009

Ten years ago today our dear colleague Jim McCawley died, very unexpectedly, of a heart attack.  For those who have more recently joined the Department of Linguistics at Chicago, you might be interested in the memorial page for Jim.

Those who were fortunate enough to know him still miss him very much. We remember Jim today.