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Fukushima evacuees livid at NRA’s decision on Kyushu plant via The Asahi Shimbun

Residents evacuated because of the Fukushima nuclear disaster were aghast at the decision that would allow reactor restarts at the Sendai nuclear power plant in Kagoshima Prefecture.

“I am divided between anger and resignation–the anger that I cannot forgive and the resignation that our voice cannot be reached,” said 64-year-old Mikio Watanabe, who lives in temporary housing in Kawamata, Fukushima Prefecture.

The Nuclear Regulation Authority said July 16 that the No. 1 and No. 2 reactors at the Sendai plant in Kagoshima Prefecture’s Satsumasendai meet tougher new safety standards.

They are set to be reactivated as early as in October.


In May 2012, Watanabe filed a lawsuit against Tokyo Electric Power Co., the operator of the plant, claiming it was responsible for his wife’s death. He also demanded an apology from both the government and the utility.

But before a ruling could be reached in the landmark case that could force the utility to take responsibility for deaths stemming from the Fukushima accident, the government moved to allow the restart of Japan’s idle nuclear reactors.

“The government regards the sufferings of those who were affected by the nuclear power plant accident as someone else’s problem,” Watanabe said. “You cannot understand how it feels unless you have experienced it. But we should not make future generations pay for our mistakes. I want residents outside Fukushima Prefecture to share this feeling.”

Yuya Kamoshita, an evacuee from Iwaki who lives in public housing in Tokyo with his family, was livid with the NRA’s decision.

“It’s unacceptable to move in the direction of restarting a nuclear power plant without thoroughly considering the instabilities and difficulties being faced by the evacucees,” the 45-year-old said.


n Tokyo, an anti-nuclear rally was staged by the Sayonara Nukes 10 Million Action Group near the Diet Building on July 16. Some 50 demonstrators turned out hoisting banners and placards reading “Restarts are unthinkable” and other slogans.

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経済同友会、「縮原発」の方針見直しへ 川内原発の審査「合格」で via msn.産経ニュース

経済同友会は17日、今後のエネルギー政策として提唱していた「縮原発」の方針を見直すと決めた。国の原子力規制委員会が九州電力川内原発1、2号 機の「審査書案」を了承したことをうけ、新たな提言の検討に入る。長谷川閑史代表幹事が同日、仙台市で開いたセミナーで「世界一厳しい新基準による原発再 稼働のメドが見えてきた。このタイミングで再検討したい」と表明した。

同友会は東日本大震災直後の平成23年以来、原発依存比率を徐々に 減らしていく「縮原発」を提唱していた。長谷川代表幹事は「3年前の時点では原発新設も稼働再開も見通せず、『縮小』の方向で意見集約せざるを得なかっ た」と説明、今後1年ほどかけて再検討を進める考えを示した。

続きは経済同友会、「縮原発」の方針見直しへ 川内原発の審査「合格」で

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生越千晴、被爆体験伝承「未来につなげる」via 日刊スポーツ





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Study: Cesium from Fukushima debris removal likely spread 50 km via The Asahi Shimbun

Radioactive substances released during rubble-removal work at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant last year likely spread to areas nearly 50 kilometers away, according to a research team at Kyoto University.

The agriculture ministry earlier raised the likelihood that debris-removal operations on Aug. 19, 2013, led to cesium levels exceeding the safety standard detected in rice harvested more than 20 km from the plant.

Akio Koizumi, a health and environment science professor at Kyoto University’s Graduate School of Medicine, and four other scientists discovered that the wind likely carried the cesium more than twice that distance.

The researchers set up air sampling instruments at three points in residential areas of Fukushima Prefecture and have measured radioactive cesium concentrations every week since September 2012 to estimate residents’ exposure to radiation.
The research results indicate that future rubble removal at the nuclear plant could disperse radioactive materials over much broader areas surrounding the facility.

In March this year, the scientists presented their findings to the Environment Ministry. It has also been reported that the agriculture ministry instructed Tokyo Electric Power Co., operator of the nuclear plant, to take measures to prevent the release of radioactive substances in the debris-removal work at the site.

TEPCO currently plans to resume debris-removal efforts by the end of July, starting with the dismantling of a cover installed on the No. 1 reactor building, where highly contaminated rubble remains to be removed.

The utility acknowledged that the Aug. 19 operations released a maximum 4 trillion becquerels–more than 10,000 times the usual levels at the site–over four hours, and apologized to residents for “causing trouble.”

However, TEPCO argued that it is unclear whether the increase in cesium readings was related to debris-clearing work.

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「教訓生かされたのか」川内原発再稼働へ 福島の避難者疑問の声 via 福島民報

原子力規制委員会が九州電力川内(せんだい)原発1、2号機について、再稼働に向け事実上の審査合格とした16日、東京電力福島第一原発事故によって避難 を強いられている県内の被災者からは「本当に事故は起きないのだろうか」と疑問の声が上がった。事故から3年4カ月が過ぎても完全収束に至らない現状に、 県民は「事故収束を最優先すべき」と訴えた。
4月に町の小学校教諭を定年退職した。古里への帰還は諦め市内に購入した一戸建てで生活を送る。同居している長女が働き始めたため、代わりに1歳4カ月の 孫の面倒を見ている。「川内原発周辺の人たちが、原発のせいで孫の将来まで心配しなければならない状況にしてはいけない」と安全対策を徹底するよう訴え た。

続きは「教訓生かされたのか」川内原発再稼働へ 福島の避難者疑問の声

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Sendai nuclear plant gets first restart OK via The Japan Times

Bringing Japan a step closer to restarting suspended nuclear power operations, reactors 1 and 2 at the Sendai plant in Kagoshima Prefecture on Wednesday became the first to meet strict new safety standards imposed after the March 2011 Fukushima disaster.

The seal of approval was included in a report released by the Nuclear Regulation Authority. But the watchdog’s official approval will come after a month of public comment on the report.

It is still unclear when exactly the utility will return to service. After passing the NRA safety test, the Sendai plant is likely to be the first among the nation’s 48 idled commercial power plants to be returned to service. But Kyushu Electric Co. still faces further hurdles — including the need to obtain backing from local municipalities and the governor of Kagoshima Prefecture — before the reactors can be fired up.

While the Sendai reactors now move to the front of the line to be rebooted, 17 others at different plants nationwide are still being evaluated or waiting to be examined.

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韓基大さん 「無罪」! 判決文 (全文) via 関西大弾圧救援会

< 「JR大阪駅前街宣弾圧(事後逮捕)」裁判 >
韓基大さん 「無罪」! 判決文 (全文)から判決文全文のPDFファイルへのリンクがあります。

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French auditors slam Areva for Olkiluoto nuclear project in Finland via YLE

The French nuclear contractor Areva is at the centre of a storm of criticism by French government auditors over its operations. Finland’s Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority STUK says it still hasn’t received all of the new paperwork relating to nuclear safety for the long-delayed Olkiluoto 3 nuclear power plant currently at a standstill in western Finland. And the company remains locked in a cycle of recrimination with the plant’s owner.


in late October last year, Areva slapped an additional 700 million euros to bring its claim to 2.6 billion euros for the voided nuclear reactor deal. In its turn, TVO has claimed 1.8 billion euros in compensation for construction delays.

Meanwhile according to the most optimistic estimates the reactor is expected to be ready for firing up at the beginning of next year – many years behind the original completion schedule of 2009. However TVO has said Olkiluoto 3 won’t be operational until one year later in 2016 – and it’s anybody’s guess what the final price tag will be.

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[UPDATE] 3-Japan nuclear plant gets safety clearance, Abe hopes for restarts via Reuters

* Sendai nuclear facility may restart Sept-Nov

* Second nuclear plant safety review nears end

* Abe hopes for nuclear restarts if townships approve

* Protesters say safety concerns remain (Adds Abe quote, 2nd nuclear plant review almost complete, protesters)



Activists and protesters crowded the regulatory commission’s open meeting on Wednesday, yelling at commissioners to vote against the safety review and to halt restarts.

In approving the Sendai plant, 980 km (600 miles) southwest of Tokyo near the southern tip of Japan’s main islands, the NRA is “ignoring unresolved safety issues and rising public opposition,” Greenpeace said in a statement.

The plant has “no effective evacuation plan for the populations in the region, in particular for the elderly, children and those in hospital, no functioning emergency-response centre protected against radiation,” the group said, adding that there have not been sufficient assessments of the risks from a nearby volcano.

But the green light for Sendai does not mean a quick return for the nuclear industry. At most about two-thirds of Japan’s 48 reactors will ever pass the regulator’s stringent safety checks and clear the other hurdles needed to restart, a Reuters analysis showed in April.

The NRA will seek public comment on the decision for a month before issuing its final decision. Kagoshima prefecture, home to the Sendai plant, will hold townhall meetings in municipalities closest to the facility to explain the restart.

Abe’s government has said it will defer to local communities to give final approval on reopening nuclear facilities.

The pro-nuclear governor of Kagoshima and the mayor of Satsumasendai, the plant’s host city, are likely to approve the decision, but many nearby townships oppose a hasty restart.

More than half the 30,000 residents in Ichikikushikino, a coastal town 5 km from Sendai, recently submitted a petition opposing a restart of the plant, citing an unrealistic and inefficient evacuation plan.

Read more at [UPDATE] 3-Japan nuclear plant gets safety clearance, Abe hopes for restarts

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「脱原発」訴え都内で5500人規模の集会――「川内原発を再稼働させるな!」via BLOGOS



次いで、伊東達也氏(原発をなくす全国連絡会)は東電原発事故の影響に喘ぐ福島の窮状について、「川内原発の再稼働を巡る状況が緊迫しているが、そ の一方で福島は今も苦しみの中にある」と訴えた。「避難生活を送る人の6割が心身の不調を訴え、自殺者は54人、仮設住宅で孤独死した人は34人。ある町 では職員の内15%がうつと診断されている。震災関連死は1729人に達した。原発から流れ出る汚染水は際限がなく、収束作業に当たる原発労働者には危険 手当も出ない」(伊東氏)。



安倍内閣が原発維持に向けた政策の地ならしを矢継ぎ早に進める中、関西電力大飯原発の運転差し止めを命じた福井地裁判決は、政府の原発推進姿勢に対 する楔となった。海渡雄一弁護士は「判決文では、原発の危険性は東電原発事故で明らかとなったとし、この判断を回避することは裁判所の責務を放棄すること だ、としている」と切り出し、「原発はすでに5回も基準地震動を上回る地震の揺れに見舞われており、そうした現実を無視してきたことが東電原発事故を招い た。テクニカルな科学論争に分け入らず、国の判断の誤りを指摘した今回の判決は論理的かつ科学的だ」と、意義を強調した。



野呂正和氏(川内原発増設反対鹿児島県共闘会議)は、「避難計画には実効性があるのか」と疑問を投げ、「県知事と県議会議員に公開質問状で質した ら、自民党と公明党が会派ぐるみで『わからない』と答えた。原発から半径30キロメートル圏内には避難場所しか用意されず、食料の準備やスクリーニング検 査、避難用のバスの手配などすべてが県任せ」と述べ、避難計画が整っていないことを暴露した。

「原発事故から3年余りが過ぎ、健康被害は風評に言い換えられた。しかし現実には90人の子どもに甲状腺がんの疑いやがんが生じている。被曝の放置 こそ福島への差別。政府は避難と保養の取り組みを進めてほしい」と訴えたのは、「原発いらない福島の女たち」の人見やよい氏。「国や東電は、口では福島に 寄り添うと言うけれども、本当に寄り添ってくれたのは福井地裁判決。何度も読み返して涙があふれた」と語る。







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