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Dr. Caldicott Tells of Fukushima’s Lethal Toll and Meeting Ronald Reagan via EcoWatch


“Nuclear Power Plants are cancer factories and bomb factories … because any country that has a nuclear reactor makes 500 pounds of plutonium a year and you need 10 pounds to make an atomic bomb … so the nuclear power industry in this country in its wisdom and in Japan, Canada and elsewhere is selling nuclear reactors as fast as it can … and they will have enough plutonium to make enough atomic bombs for the next half a million years … cause that’s how long the plutonium lasts …,” said Dr. Caldicott.

Then she shared one of modern American history’s most critical episodes. In the early 1980s, during the global campaign for a nuclear freeze, Helen met Patty Davis, the daughter of Ronald and Nancy Reagan. Davis figured that Dr. Caldicott might be one of the few people who might reach her father about the dangers of nuclear war.

So she brought Helen to the White House. Dr. Caldicott quickly sized up the President and determined to treat him “like a patient.” He was already showing early signs of the Alzheimer’s disease that would eventually claim him … and much of his second term in office.

For more than an hour Dr. Caldicott talked with the world’s most powerful about what atomic war might do to the human race. It was, she said, a uniquely long meeting with our oldest president.

Read more and listen to the interview with Dr. Caldicott at Dr. Caldicott Tells of Fukushima’s Lethal Toll and Meeting Ronald Reagan

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福島原発事故:東電、県外進学に賠償返還請求 via 毎日新聞


東京電力福島第1原発事故で、実家が帰還困難区域になった女性(21)に支払われた賠償金1600万円のうち、福島県外の短大に進学して転居した 以降の精神的賠償など約900万円について、東電が返還を求めていることが分かった。女性側は「帰還できる見通しが立たず、精神的苦痛は続いている」と反 論。具体的な賠償基準が公表されていないことに加え、多額の返還を突然求められれば、被災者の生活設計に混乱をもたらす恐れがある。【栗田慎一】

文部科学省の原子力損害賠償紛争審査会の中間指針は、精神的賠償の対象を「長期間の避難を余儀なくされた者」と規定し、請求を受け付ける東電が判 断する。賠償金の返還を求められたことが明らかになったのは東電社員以外では初めて。精神的賠償の対象は約8万人いるが、今後も進学、結婚、転勤などで住 所を変える被災者に波及する可能性があり、賠償基準の明確化が課題になりそうだ。

毎日新聞の取材に応じた21歳女性の家族によると、女性は双葉郡居住の高校3年だった2010年12月、関東地方の3年制看護短大に推薦入試で合 格。11年3月の原発事故後は家族と県内の避難先を転々とした。進学した同4月上旬、短大近くのアパートで1人暮らしを始め、今春卒業して関東の病院に就 職した。


返還を求められたのは▽11年5月以降の月10万円(6年1カ月分)の精神的賠償計730万円▽旧警戒区域からの避難に対する賠償48万円▽家財 の財物賠償約128万円。財物賠償について女性側は、原発事故で家具などを持ち出せず、新たに購入したため請求したが、「進学に伴う購入」などの理由で返 還を求められた。


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The Brain Cancer Rate for Girls in This Town Shot Up 550%—Is a Defense Contractor to Blame? via The Nation

By May 2009, Jennifer Dunsford had developed a database documenting dozens of cancers in children and adults throughout the neighborhood. She had also gotten together with the mothers of other sick children, including Tracy Newfield, Becky Samarripa and Kaye McCann, as well as a few concerned friends and relatives, to see how they might get to the bottom of what was going on in the Acreage. “We were moms and wives and grandmothers on a mission,” remembers Newfield, who describes herself as both “this little housewife” and—as she would come to see herself over the years of struggle that followed—someone who, if necessary, could become “your worst enemy.”
“The epidemiological tools are too crude,” explains Richard Clapp, an epidemiologist who has been involved in dozens of investigations into possible disease clusters in his career. Given the expense and labor involved, health departments are often loath even to attempt to track down the causes of clusters. “They don’t walk, they run in the opposite direction of these kinds of things,” says Clapp. “If they do have to do an investigation, they have to find the funds for it or have to get the Legislature to appropriate funds. Then they have to say, ‘Well, we don’t even know that this is cause and effect’—in which case, people feel like they got nothing.”

So it’s to the credit of those who pushed for a more thorough look at the Acreage—including then-Governor Charlie Crist and Senator Bill Nelson—that an investigation into the possible causes of the cluster was launched at all. The process involved, at various points, the CDC, the state and Palm Beach County departments of health, and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP). The agencies tested water from over seventy private wells and several of the canals that ran through the area, as well as soil samples from thirty-five homes, for more than 200 chemicals.

As the results of those studies trickled out, the community found itself divided into two distinct camps. One, composed primarily of families of the children stricken with cancer, focused on the fact that the research had identified several contaminants above FDEP cleanup levels, including radium-226, benzene and a variety of other commonly occurring carcinogens. Though nothing stood out as the obvious cause, they felt such findings should have prompted further testing.

The other camp focused on the good news, such as the FDEP’s pronouncement that the local drinking water was “generally good,” as the letter accompanying the water-testing results put it, reassuring residents that “in general, residential property in the Acreage is safe for families to enjoy outside activities in their yards.”
Without a clear culprit for the cancers, some residents began blaming the families of the sick for the crisis. Tracy Newfield, who had been vocal in asking for an investigation, started receiving prank calls about the cluster and had her mailbox knocked over several times. Someone threw a rock at her house, breaking her glass porch light.

The one kind of contamination that distinguished the Acreage, according to Hatfield, was ionizing radiation, which was not just an established cause of brain cancer but the byproduct of local industry.
To the attorneys’ assertion that Pratt & Whitney was the only possible source of the radiation, Pratt’s lawyers replied that it could have come from other sources, such as the Chernobyl disaster, through which nuclear radiation “has been spread world-wide.”

Read more.

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福島の住民ら 東電に和解案早期受け入れ求める via NHK




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Magnuson neighbors don’t trust Navy’s radiation cleanup via

the radiation cleanup efforts at Magnuson Park are not going far enough. The comments came during a forum at the park.

“The Navy’s plan for cleaning up this park is based on it only being safe for public use two hours a day, five days, a week,” said Pollet.
As he spoke, workers hired by the U.S. Navy were in the midst of a cleanup that began last year. But Pollet, who represents the district in the State House, doesn’t believe the cleanup will keep the 400 residents who live in the park, safe.
“Four hundred residents, with children, family housing and they use the park a lot more than two hours a day, obviously, said Pollet.
The ground got contaminated during World War II when the Navy used radium paint to make aircraft dials glow in the dark. To make matters worse, the radiation was discovered at least three years before residents were informed, leaving a residue of distrust.
“I don’t trust the Navy,” said Pollet. “Our residents have no reason to trust the Navy.”
Cindy O’Hare, who is overseeing the Navy’s cleanup, admits they botched their initial handling of the situation.
“We’ve stepped up our game to address those concerns,” said O’Hare. “We just misunderstood the community out here in Seattle in 2009.”

Read more.

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Nuclear weapons, disease and inequality: What poses the greatest threat to humanity? via The Telegraph
From nuclear weapons and environmental disasters to income inequality and communicable diseases, there is no shortage of threats facing the world’s 7.1 billion inhabitants.
Now research compiled by the Pew Global Attitudes Project has revealed how each of humanity’s biggest threats are perceived in 44 countries.

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11月から汚染農林産物焼却へ 北上市、原発事故対応 via 岩手日報





続きは11月から汚染農林産物焼却へ 北上市、原発事故対応

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大使館関係者が柏崎原発視察 via 新潟日報



視察団は防潮堤や防潮壁といった外部施設などのほか、免震重要棟と6号機の原子炉建屋を見て回った。参加者は「地震で発電所内の移動が困難なとき予備電源 車などはどうやって動かすのか」といった事故対応のほか「使用済み核燃料プールは何年でいっぱいになるのか」と施設機能にも関心を寄せていた。


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「原発のコストが一番安い、うそだった」小泉元首相 via 朝日新聞





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Japan prosecutors set to rule on possible Fukushima indictments via Reuters

(Reuters) – Japanese prosecutors must decide this week whether to charge Tokyo Electric Power Co executives for their handling of the 2011 Fukushima disaster, in a process that could drag the operator of the stricken nuclear plant into criminal court.

The judicial review is unlikely to see Tepco executives go to jail, legal experts say, but rehashing details of the meltdowns and explosions that followed an earthquake and tsunami will cast a harsh light on the struggling utility and will not help Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s unpopular effort to restart Japan’s nuclear reactors.

The Tokyo’s District Prosecutors Office last year declined to charge more than 30 Tepco and government officials after investigating a criminal complaint from residents, who said officials ignored the risks to the Fukushima Daiichi plant from natural disasters and failed to respond appropriately when crisis struck.

But a special citizens’ panel opened another legal front in July, asking prosecutors to consider charges of criminal negligence against three executives over their handling of the world’s worst nuclear disaster since Chernobyl in 1986.

Under the review system, the prosecutors must respond by Thursday.

If they again decline to take up the case, as some experts expect, the 11-member panel of unidentified citizens can order prosecutors to indict, if eight members vote in favor.


Nationwide, a majority of people has consistently opposed restarting nuclear power, according to opinion polls since the disaster.

The citizens’ panel said Tsunehisa Katsumata, Tepco chairman at the time of the disaster, and former executive vice presidents Sakae Muto and Ichiro Takekuro failed to take protect the Fukushima plant despite warnings it faced big tsunamis.

The prosecutors are unlikely to change their minds, said Shin Ushijima, an attorney and former public prosecutor.

“Prosecutors exhaust all means in their investigations and certainly would have in a special case like this, so if they were convinced they could not prosecute Katsumata and the others earlier, they will not reach a decision to indict now,” he said.

“There is a 50 percent chance that some or all of the three ex-Tepco executives will be indicted and 99.9 percent chance those indicted will be found not guilty,” Ushijima said.

“How can you prove one person, Katsumata for example, is liable or guilty, when such a big organization was behind such a large accident?”

Read more at Japan prosecutors set to rule on possible Fukushima indictments


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